Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ready for take off!

So yesterday's visit to the Dr went really well - I'm cleared to run tonight! Under 5 miles, under race pace. No problems there, as I'm already nervous. I do trust him when he says the tear in the calf is healed - not 100%, but he tells me it's beyond the point where any short runs can damage it faster than it heals.

He also believes I can do my Saturday run just fine, and I'm more excited by that! Getting back into my training for the next Half (Dec11th!) is really important. I've got to get my base miles in so that this injury does not recur. I've really learned a lot about root causes for this, which comes down to (A) calves need strengthening and (B) I increased mileage too much, too fast. The cynical part of me still needs some convincing, so tonight's run should provide more trust in the calf. I have another appt set for tomorrow so we can evaluate how it goes. Saturday's run is also off my race pace and since they do walk/run intervals, it should be an easy one. I will use my head for a change if anything problematic happens. On the last 6.5 we did, the calf was fine...just like it was for the first 7 miles of my 10 miler. The toll of the hills on that race we are also convinced was a major contributor to the injury. I need to start hill intervals once a week - but not until the calf is 100%.

Oh, and for anyone interested, no cute little brunette at the Dr's office.

And as for Facebook and my gradual withdrawal from that massive time-suck, so far so good. I have only so many hours in the day and I am definitely doing a better job of using them.

Last but not least, saw "Memento" on Netflix the other day. Wow what a brain tease that was!

This morning after work I pick up my race packet, which I always enjoy. Sunday's 5K should be a nice easy one, I'm only going out to support the Komen Foundation and get a fun run through Austin. I'm such a running geek about new t-shirts, as if I really need one more t-shirt! Most of them I end up giving to Megan anyway...:O)