Thursday, November 17, 2011

Date Night and Cow Dreams.....

Anyone want some right fielder?

Last night was my night with Megan, so of course it was a good one! Always is, even when we annoy the shit out of each other, which happens. I'd say it's because she's 15, she'd say it's because I'm 53 (gulp), and we'd both be right. But that bond that started long before she joined this world is always there.

I had my haircut last night, and got rid of the grey again. Thank God! I always hated it, despite women saying they liked it, because my appearance never matched how young I feel inside. Looking into a mirror is just better when I see someone that matches in age - somewhat at least - to how I feel inside. I say somewhat because I feel like I'm in my 20's! I guess there is a vanity component to it, and so what? We all have some vanity or else the billion dollar beauty industry would take a nose dive. And Megan likes it better, so decision made!

We headed off to the mall, ostensibly to see Happy Feet 2, only to find it wasn't out yet. Bummer. We love our kids movies, and I love that the little girl in her and the little boy in me can enjoy them together. So we'll catch that this weekend I'm sure! We ate some chinese, did some window shopping and headed to another favorite hangout of ours, Barnes and Noble. Talked myself out of buying Barefoot Running again but I think I'll pick it up soon. We had a nice time together, and after taking her home I took a short nap before work. Had one of my really strange dreams. I get them a lot when I take short naps. In this one, I was playing baseball, second base to be exact. The first baseman was not paying attention, and I knew I could throw out the runner that was at first. There is the first sign it was a dream, because I sucked at baseball and no one would EVER have let me play infield. Perpetual I-suck-therefore-I-play-right-field was my story. So he's looking out to right field and finally looks my way, and I throw it perfectly to him. And then when I look towards right field for whatever reason, I realize there is a fucking COW where the right fielder should be. And he had a body in his mouth, hanging limply. Now that is freaking bizarre, right? And that is where I woke up. Remind me to take a nap tonight. Uh, right. I have the strangest dreams ever.

I'm glad I took a night off from the gym because I need to learn to do that more regularly to avoid the dreaded burnout. It always makes the next trip to the gym that much more enjoyable to me. And I can't wait to hit the gym tonight! Sure beats cows eating right fielders.